Altrincham Grammar School For Boys

A Grammar School with Academy Status
Labor Omnia Vincit

Staff List

Head Master Mr G A Wright
Deputy Head Mr E Hall (Pastoral and Staff Welfare/Designated Safeguarding Lead)

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Senior Leadership Team

Ms A Cathcart Assistant Head  Inclusion
Mr T Murray Assistant Head Head of Sixth Form
Mr M Soulsby Assistant Head Development
Dr E Thomas Assistant Head Teaching & Learning
Mrs S Weil  Assistant Head Curriculum & Assessment
Mrs H Short Head of Y7  (Admissions & Induction/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mr D Birchall Head of Y8  
Mr T Ayebare   Head of Y9  
Mr R Cammack  Head of Y10  
Miss E Chapman Head of Y11   
Mr R Cummins Head of Y12   
Dr Z Hepden  Head of Y13  
Deputy Head of Sixth Form   Mrs T Harvey-Voice (Deputy Head of Sixth Form/Achievement & Pastoral/UCAS)


Teaching Staff

Miss F Cooke
Miss K Lee

Ms A Welsby (Head of Department)
Ms S Blaize
Mrs K Crowther (Science Community Liaison Coordinator)
Mr C Kidd
Dr E Thomas
Mrs A Ward

Mrs C Newton (Head of Department/Enterprise Education Coordinator)
Mrs M Clutterbuck
Mr T Murray  
Mr S Smith

CAREERS                                                                     Mr A Gallamore (Heads of Careers)

Mr C Rawson (Head of Department)
Dr L Eyers
Mr A Flanagan (House Manager, Stamford)
Mrs S Hill (Head of KS3 Science)
Dr J Marsden (Higher Education Officer)
Dr V Sully 

Mr J Timmins (Head of Department & Head of IT Operations for the Hamblin Trust)
Mr W Carr (Second in SEND)
Mr D Smith

Mr M Davies (Head of Department)
Miss E Chapman
Miss C Clark (Second in Department) 
Mrs H Haines
Mrs T Harvey-Voyce
Miss R Hildage
Mrs C Mahony (Library Co-ordinator)
Dr J Stedman

Mrs V Gordon
Mrs E King

Mr M Bromley (Head of Geography)
Mr P Williams (Acting Head of Department)
Miss E Jackson
Mrs S Weil

Dr K Stephen (Head of Department and ITT Co-ordinator)
Mr A Giffen (House Manager, Tatton)

Mr N Croxton (Head of Department)
Ms A Cathcart 
Mr E Hall
Dr Z Hepden
Mrs C Maguire
Mr G Wright

Mrs V Brennan (Head of French)
Mrs R Chapman (Head of German)
Ms L Mattison (Head of Spanish)
Mrs F Blakeley
Mrs J Ding
Mr P Ellis
Mrs G Gordon
Mrs L Smith
Mrs J Wallwork

Mrs G Marson (Librarian)

Miss K Potter (Head of Department)
Mr T Ayebare
Mr D Birchall
Mrs S Chancellor
Mr R Cummins
Mr A Gooch (Timetabler/Activities Week Coordinator)
Miss J McCourt
Mrs B McCann (Second in Maths)
Miss S Morgan
Mr G Olney
Mrs H Short (Deputy DSL)

Mr M Monument (Director of Music)
Mrs L Jarratt
Mr S Smith

Mr D Birtwell (Head of PE Curriculum)
Mr S Meakin (Head of PE Sport House, Manager, Massey)
Mr D Birchall
Mr R Cammack
Mr A Rawson
Mr E Sheridan
Mr M Soulsby

Mr G Reeder (Head of Department)
Mr A Giffen (House Manager, Tatton)
Dr S Squire (Head of Science)
Mr L Suthard

Mr R Perkins (Head of Faculty)
Dr Z Hepden
Mr T Lowe
Mr A Sampson

Ms A Cathcart (Head of Department)
Mrs F Bates (Learning Support Assistant, Y7 Link)
Mr W Carr (Second in SEND, Y10/11 Link)
Mrs M Farrell (Lead Learning Support Assistant, Y12/13 Link)
Mrs J Harrop (Learning Support Assistant, Y9 Link)
Mrs C Pickering (Learning Support Assistant, Y8 Link)

Mr R Baker (Head of Technology) 
Mr D Smith (House Manager, Bradbury)
Ms H Drake
Mr A Williams (SIMS Manager and Publications Officer)

Administration & Support Staff

Mrs J Lacon HET Finance & Planning Manager
Mrs D Jackson HET Admin and Support Manager
Mrs M Brickell Head Master’s PA 
Mrs A Coale Systems and Processes Administrator
Mrs A Jolly Attendance Administrator
Mrs A Passey Administrative Assistant
Mrs C Williams Receptionist
Mrs G Williamson Sixth Form Officer & Alumni Relations Officer
Mrs O Champion Admissions Manager
Mrrs P Mullin Admissions Assistant
Mrs T Richardson Admissions Projects & Support
Mrs H Armstrong  Finance Assistant
Mrs J Brennan Finance Officer
Mrs V Carpenter Finance Assistant
Mrs L Jackson Finance Assistant
Mrs P Howell Exam Officer
Mrs B Clift ARR/ Exam and Cover Administrator
Mrs A Lavin Examinations & Data Assistant
Miss F Harding Resources Technician
Mrs K Lord Resources Technician
Mr S Yeates Estates Manager
Mr S Drinkwater Estates Assistant
Mr P Hadwen Estates Assistant
Mr G Heathcote  Grounds Maintenance
Mr P Lee Assistant to Estates Manager
Mr T Sylvester Estates Assistant
Mrs S Conolly / Mrs Z Albeldawi Biology Technician
Miss O Frankland Chemistry Technician and Health & Safety Officer
Mr M Gilks Physics Technician
Mr G Binns Technology Technician
Mrs S Embleton Food & Art Technician 


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