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Day Trip Form

Please note when a trip is on a first come first served basis, we cannot accept any applications entered before 6pm on the day the letter is issued.
eg. 13BM

Does your son suffer from any medical conditions or allergies?

(Please provide full details of the symptons and treatment and medication of each condition)

Please note the information provided below is specific to this trip and must include all/any medical conditions that your son has.

If Yes, an additional medical form will be sent to seek further information.

I undertake to inform the Trip Leader as soon as possible of any changes in the medical circumstances of my son or if he has been in contact with any contagious or infectious diseases between the submission of this form and the start of the journey.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to disclose sufficient information at this stage may result in your son being withdrawn from a trip in the event of any discrepancy between his medical/dietary needs and the information provided to us.  If necessary the Trip Leader may contact you to discuss medical and dietary issues in greater detail and whether or not it is safe for your son to participate in the visit.

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